I need some frickin awesome suggestions you bitches and hos: (i'm turning gansta on yo ass) (sarcasm):

Right now I have an xbox and it sucks. Not the xbox itself, it's pretty sweet but mine sucks. I think the thing that reads the discs is messed up because when i put in a brand new game it can't read it. Usually after 30 minutes of putting in a disc, getting an error message, taking it out, blowing on it, repeat It will finally work. So my xbox can read discs, it just takes a good half hour of re-trying.

Therefore, I have one question to ask you:

...Deal... Or no deal....

haha i love that show.

Anyways, my question is should i buy a used xbox that doesn't suck, a PS2, or a SNES. Don't laugh at me for wanting an old system like SNES. Even though the graphics aren't as good as XBOX, I still think the games are just as fun, and a lot cheaper. Who cares about graphics? I only care about how fun the games are.

I have a SNES emulator on my PC, but I would really like to get the real thing.

OR should I get a PS2. I've never had a play station, but I heard they are sweet and PS2's are on huge sales now.

ALSO: If you know a site where I can buy a SNES (other than ebay) that would be much appreciated.


(and don't say "get a wii" or "get a 360" or "get a PS3") I'm on a tight budget. And I think anything over $250 is ridiculous for a video game console.

Thank You!!!
get a SNES!! Mario rocks my world!
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add me

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snes? N64! then you can play goldeneye!
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I didn't read your whole statement (sorry) I just read your title so...

SNES, that system was awesome.
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Hey i didn't think about dreamcast. is that any good? I've never played one.

But I'm pretty sure I'll get a SNES. SNES ROCKS MY SOCKS: mario's a fox...

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Goldeneye was awesome, but I remember getting stuck on the level after you melt the trap door off the train with the watch laser. The one where you start outside and have to find that one guy. I never did beat that game...
Quote by myself101
snes? N64! then you can play goldeneye!

Tis' very true.

Consider the N64 aswell!
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-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
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Quote by R0CKER1220
SNES!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the Wii isn't over $250, it's $249.99

Don't buy a SNES. Just download an emulator and a bunch of roms.
And 249.99 + taxes = more than 250, genius.
He already has an emulator, he wants the real deal, and you could afford a super nes and a 64, plus a bunch of games for under 250 bucks!

Also, could anyone give me a link to a site that has information on how to get an emulator, I've been really interested, but all the one's I get on limewire never work.