Not long ago i decided to see what all the fuss was about around floyd rose bridges. I bought myself (a not too expensive) Ibanez RG350EX. I have now realised that floyd roses for the most part are a pain in the arse, but i think i have got mine under control. I was just wondering if anyone has any specific tips on how to look after guitars that have these, what i feel are seriously over rated, bridges and how to get the most out of my guitar.
Well there not seriously over-rated, there the best out there, flat out fact...**IF you like a floating tremelo. I will agree with you and say i dont like them and i cant stand mine. And im sure everyone on the planet will agree with you when you say theyre a pain in the ass. I never even touch mine, the only reason i have one is the guitar i got it on was an excellent deal. I wont buy one again, or let alone a tremelo again. Ill stick with my hardtails, but id also like to try a hipshot, i really think those are cool. Oh and have you changed strings on the FR yet? if not, dont. F*** tone, who needs it anyhow? lol that sucks. the only thing i like about the tremelo is the locking nut and fine tuners. anyhow, forget that rant, i dont really know how to take care of one as i literally never use it. just make sure that if you are using it, and here wood creaking, stop, as iff that wasnt common sense.
- Always set it up properly
- Do not apply too much pressure to it (9s/hybrid stings are ok, 10s is a bit pushing *Estandard tuning)
- Make sure its always parallel to the body
- Lubricate the sides of the action studs + knife edges
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I like mine alot, but I have to have an extra guitar for alternate tunings. I just suggest setting it up how you like ti, with the strings you like, and staying with that same brand/size of strings.

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That is why you should look into alternatives like Kahlers and ZR trems.
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yea listen to mad picking he is like a floyd rose god lol.
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actually sk8boardbob2 is right, i have a kahler on my custom and its a lot nicer than the floyd rose IMO