i want to get into neo-classical style of playing, such as ynwgie malmsteen and alexi laiho

what scales/modes should i learn??

any other tips would be appreciated.
1.First of get into loads of classical music.
Heres some for ya:
Bach,Vivaldi,Paganini,Beethoven,Mozart etc.

2.Learn your favourite compositions.
3.Learn the following:
Harmonic,melodic and natural minor scales.
4.Learn some solos/songs from the greatest neoclassical players:
Yngwie M , Michael Romeo, Vinnie Moore,Tony Macalpine,Jason Becker etc.
And try to see how they apply classical music into rock.

This is it for now.
I'm pretty sure harmonic minor is Yngwie's only friend. If you don't know much about classical music, go rent the movie Amadeus. Not only is it a totally awesome movie, it has a lot of really good music in it. Adapt some of the peices you hear in the movie to be played on lead guitar. Its cool watching it and being like, "Hey, thats from a Children of Bodom song," or, "Hey, that sounds just like (fill in the blank) by Yngwie."
Learn to sight read, transcribe classical pieces on guitar, play it? Easier said than done, I know.

As for which scales Yngwie uses, it's almost exclusively Eb harmonic minor and it's derivatives.
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If you are interested in learning Yngwie I am going to assume you have mastered the fundamentals and can handle Chuck Berry.

You will need extensive melodic and harmonic facility with all major scales and all forms of the minor scale. You should be at least somewhat familiar with the modal derivitaves of the major scale. You will need facility in the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale, some people call it the egyptian or middle eastern scale.

Yngwie doesn't necessarily stick to any given scale but if you learn these you will have the tools to get started.
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Quote by Ben Jammin
You will need facility in the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale, some people call it the egyptian or middle eastern scale

or more commonly the phrygian dominant

to threadstarter: in addition to all the modes of the harmonic and natural minor scales, learn the melodic minor and its modes, and the diminished scale.
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Learn all the modes and harmonic and melodic minor. you can learn others if you want but those are the basics.

learn a bunch of classical songs, i like paganini.