I am having difficulty memorizing tablature. I spend like 10 min trying to memorize an intro to a song, and then I just start to lose interest in the piece because my progress is moving so slowly. I am capable of playing most songs, but my short term memory is absolutely poor. What do you guys think is the best way to memorize a piece? I've tried learning musical notation, but 1. all the teachers I went to, didn't really want to teach it. and 2. It's almost a pain teaching oneself, and it makes a pleasurable activity turn into a chore. So I am trying to see if there is another alternative out there. Any input would be great, thanks.
read it, try and play it without looking at it, look at it again, then dont look at it and just stuff like that. if you know what your learning it shouldnt be hard
The only other alternative is to buy the CD, and listen to someone else play it.

But seriously, try breaking the song down into small chunks, then join them together once you have each one memorized.

For example: Learn the intro first, Then learn the Verse, after that get the chorus down, then the Coda (if it has one), and finally the ending.

Play each section over and over until you can play it without thinking before progressing to the next piece. When you play it altogether, look at it as though it is comprised of several smaller pieces, as it is too hard to manage if you see it as just one big task.

It might be a bit bumpy when you first start joining them together for the first time, but you will get it to the point that it is seamless soon enough.

Keep me posted.
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Try not looking at the tab and seeing if you can make up the bits you cant remeber by yourself.
That will help you with your musical hearing and lots of other stuff...
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If you really lose interest that fast, then spend 10 minutes doing the piece you want to learn. Leave it for a while, play something else. Then come back to it, play it for 15 minutes. Then 20 minutes. That way, you wont get bored, and you will (slowly but surely) learn the piece off by heart. Just have patience. No-one learned any song without a little patience.
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Alot of memorizing a song is knowing what it sounds like. Can you hear it in your head, or hum it to yourself?
Just have patience and keep on trucking. Take a break and do something else if you have to. Also, make sure that the songs you are memorizing are not to hard for you. If you find something that is easy, you can learn it much quicker.
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