I enjoyed this. The vocals, to me, had sort of an awkward but soothing tone at the same time. I also thought the structure of the song was well thought out. Nice job.
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I like the style, you should give a good listen to The Midway State. It seems like you're looking to follow in their footsteps (http://myspace.com/themidwaystate). Did you record this all yourself? Pretty impressive if you did, even if you didn't the music is well done. A few awkward parts, mostly technical in the recording but a nice tune overall. Keep it up, we need more piano around here.

Listening to some other songs on the site right now, some really good stuff on here. It's not often people post work that is anything but death metal speed licks. You guys have a soft melodic style that is very soothing. Use the link that I gave above for The Midway State, I think you'd be very interested to hear their music.
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