just wondering, im part of team1084, kick ass team, well just want to know, and if you are, state ur name, and were ur going this year!
I'm one of the judges.
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Team 514 (99% sure that was the number), last year... I don't think I'm going to do it this year... We sucked really bad last year, it was my first time ever programming an rc. The camera was really shitty too, a real bitch to work with... But at regionals our FRC was broken/glitched. We didn't expect it to be and we missed all the practice matches trying to figure out what it was. I didn't even suspect the RC but we learned that it was the problem and the guys from First quickly came and gave us a new one...
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I demand a robot that can melt it's way through 12 miles of Ice while leaving behind communication orbs.

Knowing the crazy shit first comes up with, it's very possible.
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1595 FTW!!

Not officially on the team; but I went to the championships in Atlanta back in '05 and me and a mate are doing video production for the team this year.
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