Okay, i got a washburn D100 for christmas and the action is too low, the strings rattle to much. (i showed it to my guitar teacher, and thats what he said was the problem, and thats what i thought too)

he said there are two ways to adjust the action. One would be to mess with the truss rod? I don't know how to do that, and i would be scared.

The other would be to mess with the piece of the neck where the strings stick in. either replace it or put a small bit of superglue in it.

what would be best? and if i do mess with the truss rod, is there a site or something that would tell me how to do it.
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The truss rod can be adjusted by removing the plate on the front side of the headstock and there is a hex driver (usually) that u turn to adjust it, just turn it untill you get it where u want.

as for the nut (the piece of the nick where the strings stick in) DO NOT SUPERGLUE IT!! If its loose use wood glue (carpenters glue)... also put some graphite in the string slots... this will make them move smoother (just rub a #2 pencil in there)
^^^^ Like he said, just adjust the truss rod (you can see it looking in the sound hole)

Fold a small piece of paper and put it under the 2nd fret. Then when you start adjusting, you know which way the strings are going. (IE If the paper is harder to remove, you are going in the wrong direction). Don't rush, just go an 8th of a turn at a time.

But, when in doubt, take it to a good guitar shop and have them look at it.
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^To emphasize what he said, turn it a little at a time if you are giong to adjust your truss rod. Give your neck time to adjust afterwards. Slow and steady my friend, and the paper thing works great.
I tried to turn my truss rod, and it was really hard to turn, so hard that i didn't try any more for fear of over-turning cause i was trying so hard. And tips on turning it.
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I was here for a while.

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If it is unbearable, take it to a tech shop. If they don't adjust the truss rod, they will take off your bridge and add height to it. If you feel uncomfortable messing with the truss rod, don't do it as you can really mess up your guitar. While you're in the shop have it set up alltogether, shouldnt cost too much and your guitar will sound as good as ever.
^ yeh don't mess with the truss rod if you don't know what you're doing.

given that you say the action is too low why don't you just put something underneath the bridge nut to raise it up a little. try and get ur hands on strips of plastic or something which i'm sure should do the trick for you without fudging ur truss rod. the truss rod serves a different purpose (not to adjust action) and can cause some horrific accidents.