I just bought an Epiphone Dot and was wonderring what you guys think I should do to it.

I want to put on a Bigsby B-7 vibrato and a graphite nut, and in time that will be pretty definite (I know I will still have two holes from the tune-o)

I also want pickups in this instrument, and was onderring what you recomend. I play lots of rock, like The Who, Rush and Velvet Revolver.

I do play clean about 50% of the time, and having two pickups that deliver great cleans as well as good distorted souns is key to me, as I like having as many tonal options as is possible.
I was gonna say bigsby but you beat me to it, I say tuners if they give you problems and pickups I'm not too sure but I think a 57 classic in the neck would be a definite start.
what about GnR?

put on a set of Duncan Pafs, or if they are out of your budget GFS. GFS are the best for the price i have seen. even the clearance section of the site rocks!

get some guitarfetish.com pickups.
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The vibrato is a good idea, I did the same exact mod to my Dot when I had it. What color finish does yours have? Mine had the natural and I just cut out two pegs and glued them into the holes from the Tune-o. I don't think I have a picture of it at the moment, as that was several years ago. Definately replace that neck pup though, the stock sounds gross.
You might want to look into stuffing or sound posting it if you're going to play anything with a heavy distortion on it, to reduce feedback.
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