I know the difference between a SS amp and a tube amp, but what's the story with Valve and Hybrid amps? How do those sound vs tube and SS amps?
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isn't valve and tube the same?
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Valve = Tube

Valve/tuve > hybrid.

Read one of the stickies on tube amps.
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Ya valve and tube is the same, and hybrid's only have one preamp tube (I think)
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oh and hybrid amp's are valve simulated amps.. they have a pre amp valve... but still dont sound as good and clean as a all valve amp... thats what i'v heard anyway
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Hyrbid amps are gimmicks. They are pretty much the same as SS amps.

Vox does make a very good hybrid though.
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yeah hybrids either have one valve in the preamp thats supposed to warmup the clean sounds, which some do better than others, or they have an all valve preamp and an SS power amp (i think this is how the marshall MF350 is set up) in some cheaper hybrids the lone valve does absolutely nothing and they just run enough juice to it to make it glow.
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