The amp I run through.

Line six Spider II 12 inch 30 watt with the effects line six has such as .


plus gain, mid,treble, bass, and the channel volume effects.

Also with 6 other ones. Chorus flange, phaser, tremolo, sweep echo, tape echo, and reverb.

And of course Master Volume. duh.
one of my mates have a line 6 guitar and a effects pedal that he runs straight into his PA (he is a performing muso) and it sounds reli good
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I personally love it. It can sound real jazzy or blues or metal, jsut about anything. And I really like the insane setting.

Works well my with my epi les paul.
I chose to withhold my opinion.
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I choose to withhold my opinion because it was just be yelling about how much i hate your amp. And, lets be honest, no one wants to hear that.
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Its a pretty decent practice amp
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