Alright. Just post some funny articles from uncyclopedia. You can either post a link or just a paragraph. I did a search, and nothing was good enough to revive.

1. Emo. Much hilariousness.

2. ADD:
PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of ADD victims, is a worldwide organization that struggles to help victims of the ADD virus. While many simply throw the ADD children in the river hoping to rid themselves of their newborn burden, PETA takes in these children and raises them as their own. There are also rumors of a false PETA organization that concern themselves with eating animals. I like animals. Especially cats. Cats are nice. My friend had a cat once. It always got into fights. I got in a fight once. It was in fourth grade and I lost. I had to go to the hospital. The doctor said my arm was broken. The cast was too hot, like burned toast. Anyway, it's a well known fact that the PETA is a bunch of loonies and should be ignored. I don't like being ignored. It makes me feel sad. Like one time at the zoo, a monkey threw its shit at my brother, but I wanted it to throw the shit at me because I was throwing rocks at it. I like to skip rocks on a lake, but I don't like to swim in a lake because there are leeches and tiny evil fish in lakes. What was I saying? Oh yeah, the PETA sucks.
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Do a search for MC Hammer.
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best article ever.


from the Kirk Hammett entry:


~ Cliff Burton on Load

Kirk Hammett met his end in 1992, when the spirit of their former bassist, Cliff Burton, confronted him and demanded to know why Metallica went and decided to suck so much. Kirk committed suicide in the manliest way possible (he gouged out his eyes with an ice cream scooper, and replaced them with Cadbury Cream Eggs, and headbutted the sidewalk until his head exploded). Cliff then went back up to Heaven, and refused to let Kirk in. He wandered around as a ghost for a while, until he was brought back to life by a complicated ritual performed by some random hobo.
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Walt Disney: Puppet Master's Pimp
111 Drummers
Bill Cosby
11 Pipers Piping
Marilyn Manson (arm pit farting sound)
George W. Bush (kazoo-ist)
5 Golden Rings and Frodo
4 Russian generals.
3 Supermen.
2 Vampires.
Danny Bonaducci (Chuck Norris' stand in)

And the list just goes on!

EDIT: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler

I love the "Famous Followers" part.
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