I've seen "torrent" files a lot on the internet of concert bootlegs. I was at the Guns n Roses concert in the Hammerstein theatre in may and I really want the bootleg. I saw it a few weeks ago before i figured out how to download these files. Could somebody help me find it or link a good guns n roses bootleg site or something. Or any really good bootleg site. Thanks
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The best spot to find videos, and you don't have to download the to watch them first.

You still download them.. How do you think the pictures get to your computer?
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You still download them.. How do you think the pictures get to your computer?

What's the RIAA's policy on downloading bootlegs? Is it illegal, legal, doesn't matter?

They're all jam bands though, so it's legal.
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I use www.dimeadozen.org it will probably have your concert if it was recorded. Don't use youtube to get bootlegs, or any lossy types of formats including mp3s. They sound like crap.

Bootlegs are not illegal to buy, trade or download, sellling or importing them to sell is illegal and shipments of bootlegs will be confiscated. Trading communities, and people downloading bootlegs are left alone because it is considered that they are not damaging the music industry as most bootlegs are inferior in sound quality so most people want to collect them after they have already collected the artists official releases, or if they were at the show.
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