My friend has this guitar, the Manuel Rodriguez C-3 model and I've played it a bit. Im considering buying it but im not sure because the action seemed kind of high. Does anybody have this guitar or know enough about it to say whether its a worthwhile buy for like $450?
Well I have never personally played one, but I can at least help you out a little bit based on the specs about it that I'm reading it.

The first good thing I notice is that it has a solid Cedar top; the same as my Alvarez MC90, which costs a few hundred more than the C-3. It's key to note that whenever purchasing a classical guitar, it should at least have a solid top. Then, the back and sides are laminated Indian Rosewood, which is pretty common. Here is where it differs from my Alvarez, which has solid Indian Rosewood back and sides.

So going by the specs, this should be a good sounding guitar. Personally, I don't think I've played on a guitar with a graphite nut... as far as I know, my MC90 has bone, but I'm not positive.

Furthermore, I've never heard of anybody have problems with Rodriguez guitars, they generally seem to be of good quality. Of course, you should most definitely play this guitar yourself and, more importantly, compare it to other classical guitars of a higher and equal price range.

I would say that this is definitely a guitar that is worth 450 dollars
My God, it's full of stars!