Hi, i used to play acoustic and did a lot of country, classical styles. I cant just abandon finger picking. Can i use it on metal? like on the parts that are clean (no ovedrive/dist.). That should neat.
EDIT heres an example of how i finger pick. Of course that dude is better

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I'm no metal fan (obviously) but I can tell you that just because you want to play a genre doesn't mean you can't add your own touch to it. Go ahead, finger pick. I'm sure it'll add your own touch to the sound.
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of course, just tuck your pick under your middle finger (that's what I do)

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You could use fingerpicking during shreddy, string-skipping licks. You could also play acoustic breaks with your fingers. Check out some Opeth for good acoustic stuff.
i use it in metal all the time...not just clean parts either...i have background with classical guitar(as you can see from my taylor) and used my nails...it works well when i do arpeggios on my metal solos or...or runs...or sepparated notes...you can use it a lot...
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I sometimes use the "tremelo" technique, but I use it with very little gain.
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check out Mark Knopfler, not a metal guitarist but he would almost always finger pick. he was the guitarist/singer for dire straits. great example of how fingerpicking can be used in a rock context. the point is you dont have to give up fingerpicking and can really make it your style in world where all metal guitarists flat pick the majority of their songs. it could sound great if you come up with a good way to do it, so try and go with it.
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Whaats the tremelo tech?

It's a classical technique I think. There are various ways to do it, but mine is generally a lower note played with the thumb, followed by either 2 or 3 plucks from the fingers. Thumb + two plucks is for a triplet, thumb + 3 is for 16th notes in 4/4. I'll try to give you an example...

 T r m i T r m i T r m i T r m i

Phrygian dominant idea.

T being thumb, r being ring, m being middle, i being index. (I KNOW this isn't what classical guitarists use as terminology).

You could also use descending intervals, or something. I'll use triplets for this one:

 T m i T m i T m i T m i T

You may want to consider what I've done: use a thumbpick. You get to use your fingers, but also have a pick for the chugging parts.
(Slightly outdated) Electronic and classical compositions by m'self: Check 'em out
Yea, i have a thumb pick. Oh, and thans for the technique. Ill be putting that in my Lick book .