a battery boosts the current in active pickups and passive ones just run off the magnets current

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Actice has a proamp in it, so it can have a much lower output and still get a hot, distorted tone.
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^^^^ yep thats why at set costs you an arm and a leg
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Are they only on single coil pickups or humbuckers too? I have an epiphone lp standard but it doesnt say if they're active or passive. And I just recorded with a Tele... they have that switch that goes back and forth right?
They'll be passive pickups on your guitar, smae with the Tele. Most guitars have passive pickups, there's only a few models that come with actives as stock....usually higher end or signature models.
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The typical model for active pickups are of course, EMGs. Probably the most famous brand of Active Pickups there are out on the market.

Seymour Duncans aren't bad too.

There are single coil active pickups, but they aren't as good as the humbuckers.