Hey guys, This is my first post but I read the forums all the time.

Ummm I'm looking for a song that i can play fairly casually but that i can also use in a music exam, it doesn't have to be very hard tho, something that is kinda Nothing Else Matters - Metallica finger picking kind of style or similar to Memory Lane - Elliott Smith.

So yeh not to hard do able, I have a long time to learn tho.

Thanks in advance

- Matt

PS: A friend said this btw, "well try to impress by playing something challenging but not so hard you cant play it casually" If that helps.
I will say it before someone says it - Stairway to Heaven - for my part I just hate this song it is so overrated the only good thing is the amazingly well written solo. (I love Led Zeppelin) . You could try Under the Bridge maybe, it is not too hard.
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