Hey guys me and my buddy decided to make a video, and he knew this song so we just did it ...

This song kicks ass, and I hope some of you enjoy it!!

Rise Against - Swing Life Away

Thanks to anyone who listens!!!
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:the video your requested is currently not available" ill check back later, i love this song
Who dat?
wow dude, great , again you managed to do an awesome cover of a favorite of mine. it was a bit choppy, i don't know what that was, i think it sounds like the vocals, like too much bass in somethin

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Thanks man!! we only did the song like maybe 4 times, and it was different for me to do it with drums for once....
Thanks for listening i appreciate it!!!
Work to live, not live to work.
Do you have any original stuff? Because you have such an amazing voice i would love to hear some originals.
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whats up dude, i havent been around in a while.. just stoping by again, like to say you're still coming along great. This really sounded awesome, the sound quality was a bit scetchy, but whenever your vocals came in you completly forget about it.

good job
Nice man, that was sweet. I personally don't like Rise Against, but I can appreciate it. It's a shame the sound was a bit reesty. Keep at it though, I like your stuff. Crit my Dead Kennedys cover when you've got a minute. It's in my sig. Thanks man.
Damn nice work!

I really liked what you did with the bridge.

Learn how to EQ those drums and this will be golden. I think it's just the bass drum that was too loud.

Guitar sounded better, but I'd still say Mic it .

Nice drumwork by your buddy.
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