How much($) is an S2170FB? And if anybody has one or played one or knows anything about one tell me what you think of it.
I have one,
You can probably get one at a GC with some haggling at around $1,100 or less...

They have a slightly thicker tone than the S470 and S520 due to the bubinga cap, and it always gets a lot of looks and compliments when I gig with it.

It also plays great and the trem is amazing.
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It has a great trem, cool body, neck, decent pickups, and sweet looks. It seems to be a good guitar.

The normal sell price for those are $1200 but you can haggle in a store.
I owned one for a week. Excelent guitar, but the neck is very thick. But thats preference.
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it is by all means a s470 a pretty-uped s470 with slightly better pickups, buy a s470 or a used pre 2004 prestige
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