Alright, so I impulsively thought I wasn't going to like the stock pickups in my MIM strat...aside from the cleans, and I must say I am impressed with them. Though with the earlier mindset, I ordered a hss setup (super distortion-bridge, yjm-mid,hot rails-neck) to replace the sss setup, due to I am going for a classic rock/nwobhm tone with it, and I am really getting attached to the stock sound, at least for the neck. I realize I don't have to switch it out, but with the hot rails, will I lose much bottom end compared to the stock pickup? I can nail hammett's lead tone pretty nicely with my current settings, and the bridge can do maiden rhythm pretty nicely as well, though it has that metally/clangy noise to it when I pick harder.

So I need opinions: all the pups I ordered are still on backorder, so I don't have them readily avaible. With these new pups, will I lose pretty much all the single-coilness I have become accustomed to? I'm pretty addicted to the bridge/mid setting, and I'm sure I'll lose that when installing a humbucker, but meh. And will it sound "better"?
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My advice. Since they are on backorder, try to cancel the order. One small lesson that I have learned is to always try the pickups before you replace them. Not sarcasm, sincerity.

If you can't cancel the order, you could always buy a cheaper strat copy and put those pups in it. A Squier or an SX... you get my drift.

Good Luck!