how is a string gauge measured? how do you find out what gauge your strings are? what measurement/unit is it in?
The string gauge is directly on the pack, when you buy strings from behind the counter at a music store they'll ask for the brand and gauge. A lot of times the name of that pack reflects the gauge, like ernie ball and their "beefy slinky"s or their "super slinky"s.

This site might help to express my point


Assuming you don't know much about strings it's a little complicated to measure the strings you have now. It's not length it's thickness that's being measured. The different sizes are for what you're comfortable with and for possible altered tunings.
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yeah just tell the guy behind the counter to give you "regular" or "medium" strings and he will hook you up. if you dont like it and want thicker/heavyer then tell him how much heavyer or thinner compared to medium and im sure he can figure something out!
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