Now i never snap strings bassically,i've only snapped one on my Accoustic and i've had it for a while ,and that was becuase i sucked at tuning. since i've got a Electric i've snapped two strings (both high E string) in just as many weeks while playing. i know it's not becuase of the tuning because i tune it every day.

So whats going on.
i replace my strings every 2 weeks if u play hard u gotta replace them frequently
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you may need to get a tech to file down your string saddles, they might be sharp. i had the same problem and that fixed it
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Might be something on the hardware thats catching it.
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Don't cut the string after you put it on.

Seriously, it does wonders...

EDIT: As in don't cut the little remainder off of the top with wirecutters.

Its most likely to be a sharp edge in the saddle. Just take it to a guitar tech/shop or file it down yourself.
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Get better and/or thicker strings. Don't strum too hard, all that needs to touch the string is the very tip of the pick.

And if it makes you feel better.. my friend breaks a string about two or three times a week. One day I witnessed him break THREE strings in the span of 6 hours because of overbending. He broke the D string, B string, AND the ****ing low E string.....