I own a Celebrity Deluxe Ovation acoustic guitar. I love the sound of it, the only problem is the excesive string tension. I think the action is too high. Although, that might no be it because the strings sometimes make a weird buzz and drive me mad trying to figure what the hell is causing that buzz.
So, my question is, what is causing that weird buzz and the stupid excesive string tension?

By the way, the buzz is weird because one day it's on one string on a given fret and another day is on other string on some frets. Also, it doesn't sounds as bad when I play only the buzzing fret on the string, it sound really bad when I play the buzzing string along with other normal sounding strings.

EDIT: I use .12 to .54 strings.
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If the gap between the third fret and the string is greater than a credit card, the action is too high, if it is less than that, it is too low, which sounds like your problem.

In a perfect world, there should be a tiny gap between the credit card and the gap of the 3rd fret.

Adjust the tension of the truss rod accordingly. (the allen head nut that can be seen by looking through the sound hole, towards where the neck meets the body).

TIP: Fold a small piece of paper and put it between the first fret and string. If it is harder to pull out, you have lowered the action, if it easier to remove, it is raising the action (duh). Ideally it should only just touch.

Thats how I like the action, it is ideal for general playing. Some like the action a tad higher, especially if you do a bit of slide, but meh.

The most important thing is Don't rush, just do it an 8th of a turn at a time. That way you cant get into any trouble. Just keep focused.

When in doubt, take it to your guitar shop for a proper setup. (preferable method)
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