Ok I'm learning the third movement from Vivaldi's Summer and I've come up to what I think is a sweeping part (it doesn't say it is but it just seems logical)

The first part is this:


X 4 and then


x4 and then



Top four notes by the way (EBGD)

When I (try) to sweep all I get is this crappy feedback sound that sounds more like a chord. How do I get crisp, clean individual notes? I've never practiced this before.

EDIT: OK looks like that didn't come out for some reason. Basically it's one note after another (in the first part you play 6 then 8 then 7 then 8)
you have to avoid letting notes ring out so your fretting hand kinda moves along with the pick. i suck at explaining though so youd be better off checking out the lesons.
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Ok thanks that was very helpful. Should I practice it very slowly, releasing each individual note seperately (as if I was just downpicking it all)?
Dial back the gain a bit if you're using it, although I'm thinking of how that song would sound with distortion...

Anyway, as the above poster said, make sure each string stops ringing before you move to the next one, one important part of sweeping is keeping everything clean and distinct.
Ok so I'm letting up my fingers after I hit them but then I get the ringing from the open note...
I know it is hard to do but it will sound better if you use a different finger for each note instead of barring any. This can prevent string noise. It may seem very impractical at first but practicing the pattern makes it easy fairly quickly.
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