When I was just a nooblet I went out and bought an MG. Can anyone tell me if the VS100 is better than the MG100 and what the differences are? Is the VS just the MG with a tube in the preamp?
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If you mean VS as in ValveState/ AVT series of amps, then although it is still solid state, and WILL NEVER SOUND LIKE A TUBE AMP NO MATTER WHAT THE MANUFACTURER TELLS YOU, it will be loads better than the MG that you've got right. AVTs have the warmest distortion I've heard from a solid state amp.\

I will say though, that if you are gonna get a VS, get this model:


OR this model:

For that type of money though, you could get a tube amp which would be so much better and usually louder than any of the amp's your looking at (or any Solid State for that matter)
When it comes to MGs and AVTs, the only loser is whoever has to play through it.

Both amps are terrible compared to plenty of other amps in their price range. I've had plenty of experience with both (Owned an MG as my first amp, used an AVT at my rehearsal space) and both lack depth and warmth. If you're just wondering what you're missing out on, then not much. If you're thinking of upgrading, don't even look at another Marshall until you got the cash the afford an all tube model.
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