Ok so we played a show at this ratty old bar and our singer got shocked from the microphone. Nothing serious but now he is all paranoid about all our stuff being grounded. So we did some research and seems like the safest thing is to get a device that measures the outlets right?

But now I see monster and a lot of power strips have a light that alerts you if it is grounded. So if we plug everything into a surge with a ground light warning are we safe as long as its green?

If so are the ones that are 100 dollars safer than the ones in the harware store for ten bucks?
You'd hope not man, as long as they both deal with surges. Maybe you could also go for an RCD plug that'll cut out any time the voltage changes. TBH considering the dangers you'd hope all venues would have this sort of stuff compulsory; quite a few guitarists died because this stuff wasn't fitted (I believe)
does the singer also guitar?

if so, the ground from the bridge may be the cause. disconnect it and have the guitar shielded professionally.
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He does but all of our stuff is factory wired, we never messed with it. But we'll double check. Look into that RCD plug. Thanks.