If i wanted to aeppegiate an Emajor chord would I just play the notes in the E major scale, E F# G# A B C# D#? does the order i play the notes matter? Thanks in advance.
To arpeggiate an E major chord, you need only play the notes of an E major chord (1 3 5, namely E, G#, and B).
The other notes of the scale relate to E major in different ways that aren't your standard root-third-fifth triad.

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What the guys above said, you play the notes of the chord. And the order of notes both does and does not matter, depending on what you mean by that. Obviously changing the order of the notes will change the sound of your arpeggio, it may sound resolved or more tense depending on which note you start and which note you finish on. But in terms of "Is it going to be a E major if I play E - B - G#? What about G# - E - B?", yes it still will be a E major.
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