Does anyone know what the Rise Against bassist uses to get his sound in the songs: Like the Angel and Blood-Red, White and Blue. Does he use a certain amount of disortion? what are his bass, mid, and treble frequencys like? what is his setup? and most importantely does anyone know how to duplicate his sound using a Behringer Ultrabass BXL900A? please answer!
Let's see. Rise Against is punk, so... more mids and treble, a little bit of bass, all while using a pick. Maybe a bit of overdrive too.
Idk, the tones from the beginning of "Like an Angel" sound a lot like fingerstyle. and yeah, like charlatan said, its a lot of mids and such, and I dont think any distortion because it sounds more on the clean end than anything else.
as for his rig, and such, idk, google it. also for ur, amp, i'm not familiar with Behringers, so i guess ur on your own there.
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I'm pretty sure in Like the Angel he finger picks it, I finger pick it and it sounds pretty similar. Anything els eI can't help you with, sorry mate.
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I think he uses a fender jazz bass, i might be wrong though
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I think i figured it out. he uses a little distortion and slaps the bass. that is how it is so snappy sounding. in the chorus of like the angel i think he finger picks it though and slaps the verses. yay