hey guys i just realised i also need some1 to play keyboards/piano any1 wanna play? also im not recieving much for drummer or bass so basically anyone who wants to play those get me back, also be prepared because youll need msn
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if you need another bssist I could put my name down, been playing for half year but im average lol
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I'm a bassist looking to jam with an online band. I've been playing for about 2 and a half or 3 years, though I consider myself a very beginner player. I've been working on my music theory a bit and hope to improve my rhythm by playing with a drummer and melody with any instrument. My main goal in playing with others is to improve my abilities and I felt it would be an excellent way to do so. I have been improving quickly recently by working through a variety of method books and intend to continue doing so.

I'm open to all types of music and love creating all types, whether I listen to them or not.

I was hoping more for "jam sessions" rather than true recording, although I would love to work on writing and developing songs with others.

I have MSN and AIM, however if you would like to pursure this please PM me or reply to this first.
you could put me down for bass... =]]... idk... and keyboards .. i guess...
my myspace is myspace.com/thehappyemu if you want to get in touch with me....
or my email is thehappyemu@hotmail.com =]]