Here's a metal song that I've been working on for about a week on and off. Now, it's not finished yet (its about 5 minutes long now) , but I wanted to see if I could get any criticism on what I have now. I'll update it again as I continue and eventually finish it. Feel free to post your songs as well and I'll take a listen to them.
Fall of Man.zip
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That was sweet. Finish it please !

the intro got boring, but with the vocals it should be fine.
that was a pretty tight song man keep it up
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Ok, so heres a MIDI update. I need an opinion on which one sounds better. I have the original version with the clean interlude, then I have a new version where the clean part has been altered a bit and distorted. Which do you think sounds better? I've also added more to the song, but for right now, I just wanna know which part you guys think sounds better.
Clean or Distortion.zip