heyy guys.

i live in a pretty small town in the middle of nowhere, its hard for me to try out amps and whatnot. so i come to you guys .

im looking for a good pop/punk type tone.

if u have time could you check out the song "the devil's takin Names" or "Beyond the embarrising style" it basicly sums up the general tone im looking for


im considering dsl50. would this work for this type of tone? if not can you reccomend me an amp?

i dont really have a price range. i'm in no rush to buy so as long as its not like 5000 dollars its cool.

i already have a marshall 1960 cab so im looking for a head.

thanks much


can someone tell me the differences of the jcm900 and the dsl tone-wise?
my band recorded using a studios 900 so if someone could tell me if they sound at all similar, that would help.
never heard a JCM900, but i can tell you that DSLs sound mint. So many people say modern marshalls are crap, but they're really not.
The JCM900 is better than the DSL. Well, I think so. Definitely try those out and make sure you put 'High' on 10 on your EQ. I think it works well for Pop-Punk-ish stuff. Just make sure your treble is high.
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