I just downloaded and installed bearshare to see what it was like and I might have a problem. I downloaded a few songs but when I go to play them it signs me out and says "loading license..." and never plays the song. How do I get it to play the song?

EDIT: And are all songs on Bearshare wmas or can I get them in mp3s somehow?
to get them in mp3s, there's this tab beside where you type your song and whatever have you, and it says 'everything', or 'search for everything', or something like that. it has 'everything' in it though. click it and select mp3 from the scrolled down menu.
Well now it keeps saying it can't connect and I can't even sign in. All I see next to the search bar is music and video, music only, and video only. Maybe I'm just retarded now but I don't see it. Any idea how I get it to play the song? Now I double click the song, it says loading license for maybe 10 seconds, then starts playing the next song.
Ok it's playing the songs now so that works but I'm still not seeing where I can select mp3.
is this the new bearshare that is itunes like or the old white screen version?
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