im having trouble with the hammer on part and the part where you put your pinky onto the 10th fret. i can sometimes get the hammer on but i cant get my pinky onto the 10th fret right after the hammer on, any help?
im not quite sure wat ur talking about giv little more info?
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I don't really understand why basses have 24 frets, I mean, I've never seen a bassist playing more than the 12 fret.

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Practice, practice, practice. Only way.
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yeah practice is the only way to streghnten your pinky

i think ur talking about hammering the 9th fret.. u dont need to hammer 10th on that song
i hammer that using my ring finger because my pinky isnt that tough either (i try to aviod using my pinky as much as i can (yeah yeah i know its a bad habit and i need to learn to use my pinky))
my pinky is as strong as all my other fingers

Practice using your pinky, like playing money over and over again using the 5th fret not open strings
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my pinky is pretty strong but my hands are pretty small and my pinky isnt on the fret (its like behind the neck) while im hammering on
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my pinky is pretty strong but my hands are pretty small and my pinky isnt on the fret (its like behind the neck) while im hammering on

Don't do that, you are only wasting time and effort like that. Pretty bad habit.
You mean the ninth fret, because it's one of my favourite songs to play to chill out so I know it.

I don't quite get what you mean by it's behind the neck. However I used to have problems with my pinky strength, but I started using it instead of my ringer finger is slower songs, and that helped build it up. If you can reach far enough (may take some more practice) try playing In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett, the verse riff is great for practicing your pinky.


Play the nines with your pinky. It's what I did to exercise my fretting hand, and it's improved a lot.
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well its pretty hard and uncomfortable to hammer on without it there

It takes a while to get used to it, but if you practice for a couple of days it'll feel more natural than your current technique.
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I learned that song just the other day...fun to play. Didn't find that bit hard at all..
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I know wich part you're talking about, firstly you have to do the hammer on well, with your pinky behind the board your slowing yourself down. secondly if you don't reach the 10 you need to do some stretches until you can.

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wait which fingers do you use to hammer on? The first and third?
I use the first and second and reach the 10th fret with my third, but im pretty sure thats bad...
Index finger = D string, 7th fret
Lazy finger = G string, 9th fret
Index finger = G string, 7th fret (hammer on part)
Pinky = D string, 10th fret

i can get it sometimes but most of the time i cant