Two worlds, of angst and of peace
Yet minds fail to see the allure of our grief.
Out of our shell, and into the light
that knowledge alone wont set our paths right.

Beauty in each, yet appeal to your God.
Both can be right, and both can be flawed.
One or the other is the blind man’s route
for only a balance, then our souls truce.

Out to my death with a common mortal breath
I will then soar in the arms of a seraph.
In the left hand of God, I will place my whole being
in hopes that I will finally see my true meaning.

Where is my Abraxas, with his most daunting task
of combining two worlds, one of creeds, one of wrath?
Fused are my God and my enemy Lucifer
and together I finally meet my one true maker.
ok i ll be frank with u. some of the lines got potential but rhyming is bit odd try reading the thread on tips about song writing. i learned alot frm that
crit on mine will be really appreciated try to crit on heart break remedies