im in a band. were looking to start gigging in the near future. One guitarist plays a krank half-stack with a 100 watt head. the other is getting a marshall half-stack. i (bass) play through a hartke 2x15 cabinet with a 140 watt harke head. we need a pa for our singer, and is it a good idea to start running our instuments though the pa as well? any advice as what to get by way of a pa system? any help is appreciated!! thanks!
pretty much steer clear of behringer pa's or at least the speakers, we play through a yamaha set up and its pretty damn reliable, and it really depens on how big of a pa you want, we just run our drums through the pa and keep the guitars going through the fold backs but not the foh's
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Lean toward's mackie sound boards and powered speakers depending on how much money you are willing to spend, but if you are just starting out I'd lean towards a Carvin system with a power amp instead of powered speakers.
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