ok i'm planning on modding my xbox. ive found plenty of videos , and i think i got it , but i was wondering if anyone knows and like written step-by-step walkthroughs to make it easier , and so i dont muff my xbox

Thanks, FeLiX
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My brother is friends with an engineer for Microsoft, and he modified his X-Box for 40 bucks. Here are the specs now.

-Black and silver exterior
-Hundreds of classic arcade games
-Access to the internet
-You can upload up to 100 games on the console
-Thousands of music and video storage
-When you turn it on, the menu is COMPLETLY different and cooler than the original

PS: Send me the link too please.
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Sent link to .smudged.

I'm talking about a mod-chip link, don't know about you guys...

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You should remove that link man, against the rules to post links to other forums, thats why I PMed you.