So the new album is out. I'm sure everyone who has listened to it, in addition to their old material, will agree it's considerably different.

My opinion is that, because it's such a dramatic change, they should change their name as well.

Their new style doesn't really convey the tried and true "My Chemical Romance."

Opinions? And if you agree, any ideas on names?
i don't like them but changing a bands name because they have a diffrent sound is ****ing retarted
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um i don't really listen to them either, its kinda hard to define what specific genre they are to yeah? i read some articles of criticism about them and their disputed genres, some ppl call them emo and others alternative and such.
Yeah, they're normally discussed in the emo forum.

But I agree, it's silly to change the name of the band.
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They've changed too much to be called emo now IMO. Shouldnt change the name though. no chance, their names amazing I think (all the better as its stolen from an Irvine Welsh book lol).
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Changing the name of the band helps appeal to a larger audience of wrist-cutters. Instead of just sweeping up all of the high school girls as a fanbase, they've managed to target all of the emo Queen fans as welll...too bad they don't exist...
Their name is a well picked one. I just find it lame when bands change their style alot, but still keep the same name. How retarded would it be if Metallica started playing country music with a name like that?

Their genre is hugely debated on. Some people call them Rock, others throw around the word emo like everyone does, and because of the lead guitar pieces, they've even been labled to have some metal in there.

I can say without a doubt that they are NOT emo. If you want to label them emo for having lyrics about life and its troubles, then you'd have to label MOST if not ALL bands emo. They're obviously not metal, although their lead guitarist does have some nice solos. If hard pressed to pick something specific, I'd have to say they're somewhere between Punk, rock, and screamo.

But of course, genres are complete trash these days. There is no longer a set of rules for music styles. Bands aren't cut n' dry Rock and Roll or Country.