how do i use the Ibanez tubescreamer TS808 to its full potential? I want to get a sweet sound when im soloing...people suggested that i should get a good distortion pedal along with the Ts 808...

i mostly play classic rock, 80's-90's hard rock, and blues. I already have a tube amp.
I'm afraid you can get people to list a bunch of settings yes... BUT, everyone has a differnt guitar and amp, and both are set to different EQ settings...

Just take an hour out of your day, sit down with your amp facing you, guitar on knee and TS-808 infront of you... and start fiddling like a PE teacher...

It's not going to take you long to find a good tone outta that thing... oh, but i do suggest pumping up the drive a bit...

If you're using it for soloing, dial the eq on the pedal to about 12 o'clock, boost the mids slightly, and crank the drive.
i have the same pedal and find it needs to be past 12 on the od to sound full enough for a solo. i tried my ts808 with my cousins marshall guv'nor plus and that is one of the nicest solo tones i've heard. the ts brings out the highs and the marshall compliments with the lows and the growl and i'm considering buying one too. just to give a boost for solos and whenever i need mor gain. i too play blues like the alberts and B.B plus srv and hendrix/ clapton.
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I'm using the TS 808 in front of my rythym channel (JCM 900 4100) for a little OD, but I really wouldnt suggest it for a boost pedal when soloing. I would suggest going out and getting a GE-7 or MXR EQ and throwing in the FX loop of your amp and setting it slightly above flat to boost your mids. In conjunction with the TS 808, you'll have a sweet third solo channel to your amp. Or as Tom Morrelo describes it, "when I want to go to 11, I use the EQ".
use two of them.
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i know this may sound a bit stupid but i'm going to ask anyway.
when you have distortion on, but you want to use the solo boost, do you leave the distortion on and add the tubescreamer?
or do you swap between them?
if that makes sense...
Top lel.
yeah i want to know too because when i use my ts all i get is extreme feedback and barely noticable gain increase
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