I was thinking (if its not to expensive or if its availible) maybe holding off on buying a new amp and going for this one. Mainly I would like to get it to try and emulate that Gilmourish tone. If its not within my price range (1600-2000 canadian) can someone maybe give me some alternatives? thanks.

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I would imagine you could get one in that range try ebay and craigslist. Hiwatt makes some really nice amps but if youre into the british crunch sound i would also suggest looking at Vox and Marshall. Personally i prefer Vox. As you probably know Dream Theater covers a lot of Floyd songs live and i belive John uses a Mesa Boogie and he gets real nice tone so you could check those out as well.
EDIT:Sorry, didnt realize u had a Vox. How much u selling it for?
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