Alrighty, my second Bad Religion cover in 2 days, I'm on a roll! This is another acoustic version of a great BR song. I like how it turned out. It's on my Purevolume (located in my sig) and is listed under You (Bad Religion). I'll give crit for crit, as always! Thanks for looking.
You're really good, man. I think with better recording equipment, you'd really have something. The vocals are too quiet for the instrumental. But you're definately good. I like all of your covers so far.
Dude, It may almost be 2 AM and im about blacked out, but when I saw a Bad Religion cover I about shot out of my chair and started screaming in joy.

Alright, I did.

But anyways. You really captured the Greg Graffin folk-sound and I liked how you took it to the acoustic instead of blasting through it with characteristic BR intensity. Reminds me of the time I played and sang American Jesus on the piano.

What needs fixed? Your vocals are good, but lessons could probably make it so much better. You seem to not push them through as much as you should, its not quite as intense as it could be. This is punk rock, I dont care if its done on an acoustic, its punk rock. SCREAM IT.

Anyways, I liked the style and the fact that you like the greatest band ever.