Everyone Just Name A Solo That They Can Play With Class And Would Suggest Others To Learn.
Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
Id Say Crazy Train Cause I Love That Solo And Its Really Easy To Put You Own Spin On It Rather Than One Of Those Solos That Sound Dumb If You Change It Even A Little Its Always Better To Make Something Somewhat Yours..
Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
isnt there already a thread for this?
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I'd say .. probably the second solo in "Sixpounder" (I'm still learning it, DAMN YOU ALEXI LAIHO AND YOUR GUITAR BRILLIANCE), it sounds awesome.
the metalica solo in seek and destory is cool, but i think its fun to play the whole song really
learn a couple scales and start doing ur own (blues scale is easy and very cool)
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Easy or hard Solo?
Well My choices would be Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
Or Eruption - Van Halen (actually the whole song is a solo...)
Uh, Eruption? I think the whole song as a solo so yeah, well the taping part can be the solo but the whole song is pretty much a solo itself.