Heyyah... I got a Bonplay for xmas and I have no idea if it's supposed to be good or anything... I've never heard of the before... Anyway... I've played acoustic for about a year and still not very good and I know nohting about electrics... Does anybody know anything about bonplays?

And I have no idea how to use the whammy bar
I'm 14 and bit of a rookie at electrics... Does anyone have any ideas for songs I could play or something... I'm into bands like My Chemical Romance and Matchbook Romance and some Slipknot... But I don't think I'll be play8ing them for a long while...

Ohh and one last thing, I was playing my electric and the volume randomly went down, if I put both the volumes up the highest, the sound is about the same as what I was playing on before, not very loud... I dunno whats happened!