Im into metal/hardcore/metalcore etc. like it dies today, unearth, underoath etc. so im wondering what would be a good bass for that style in my price range
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fender p-bass than put in new emgs

x2, im not a fan of EMG's though so i would say put seymour duncan quater pounders in there
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For 400-600, Ibanez's are really good and pretty versital if you change style, same with Deans. ESP's are amazing but if you don't get one with EMG's it won't be as versital as the Ibanez or Dean.
I would just buy a Warwick.

Another vote for the Warwick. A standard Corvette or a Vampyre BO perhaps.
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heck yes all the way with warwick.Get the warwick corvette almod burst.its wat i got
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