So I was snooping around a local shop today and found a Fender Highway 1 Strat for $599 new. It's last years model with the smaller headstock and what not. My question is, should I spring for it? I certaintly don't desperately need a new guitar perse, but the price of that caught my eye. I've been looking at an American Deluxe, but if I were to get something in that price range, I'd probably be waiting until after college (3 years). Is the Highway 1 worth it? Or rather, is the American Deluxe worth it? I'd love to get my hands on a strat and 3 years is a hell of a wait. Also, how's this model of the h1 stack up to it's newer version, which seemed to be getting quite the push from Fender.

How's the bridge for a quick whammy every now and then? Anything else to be wary about? My apologies for the length this quickly acquired. Oh, and in case it matters, I'm your standard John Frusciante-holic, so the guitar will be playing plenty of his stuff and the Peppers. Thanks for any help and opinions.

Edit: After finding a thread I somehow looked over, it seems it really doesn't compare to an American Deluxe. Maybe I'll just have to play the waiting game for a while.
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you could go for a sort of 80s era strat as they are not as coveted as the older strats...this would get a you a more manageable price for what sounds like your present financial situation
i have one and its fine. never played/compared it to an american deluxe though.
but i bought it on impulse but i was really satisfied with my purchase.
i think a new highway one would be so much better than any of the old ones. ive never played the old ones but the new ones are supposed to be amazing for their price.
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i think a new highway one would be so much better than any of the old ones. ive never played the old ones but the new ones are supposed to be amazing for their price.

I for one have played both and MOST definetly prefer the old ones. The new ones definetly have things going for them, like the reverse wound middle pickup and the jumbo frets (if you like those).

However, they don't (in my opinion) sound like a real strat. The pickups and the greasebucket makes the tone suitable for more distorted music styles, but it loses it's classic strat tone. They focus on modern rock distortion, and in my opnion for those sounds, there are better guitars for that price out there.

I also do not like the smaller string spacing on the new ones. With the old ones there is a chance you slide of the neck if you not fingering down, but a little to the side, especially on the high E. I tend to see this as an advantage, it forces you to get good technique. Also, I have large hand so smaller spacing just sucks for me :P.

So my advice is, if you want strat tone, get another model, maybe a MIJ or MIM strat for that price. If you like the sound of the new ones (you can hear it HERE ), I suggest you go for it.


I just read the threadstraters post, and if you want frusciante, take on old highway or another strat, not the new highways. I get a perfect frusciante sound out of my highway 1.
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