Watched the movie, and I loved it. It churned things up inside me and I came up with this. It's fairly long.


It was another failed night. He took the waste basket to the trash bin and took the trash bin outside. The air was cold and hard. He breathed on his hands and looked around his neighborhood. Plenty of nice houses. Nice cars. The lights were on most of the time, even during the nights but he could never see anybody going in or out. He went back inside.

Six weeks later he found her. She was sitting to the row right of him and three seats forward. She was what usually happened. Everything. Hair, eyes, nose, skin, smile, breasts, legs, even her feet. He sat in the back and watched. Eventually they became friends, and he had this wild notion that she would ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance in three weeks. It was an unsure time. She talked about a lot of things, and he did most of the listening. Sometimes he was a little afraid that would hurt his chances.

“In China, they have malls that are open all night, and you can find stuff that’s so cheap over there.” She said some things with a slight upward inflection. It was heartbreaking. “I can’t believe break is over, I miss China so bad.”

He had lived in Taiwan for three years. He knew what it was like. At lunch they would sometimes talk but it was always friendly. When they weren’t together he could see her laughing with another man or hanging on someone’s neck with her arms wrapped around them. He ate his lunch.

Another week later he met the other man. His name was Jeffrey. “Hey man, I remember you, you went to the same shitty day care place right?” It was all so unnecessary. It was as if someone had tricked him into thinking he had scissors and no strings. “Yeah. I was there. I remember.” She looked at both of them. “You guys have so much mwoh chiy.” That roughly means a sort of spiritual bungee cord, karma in a sense. As if I were related to him or something. Some things are lost in translation. He heard from her that Jeffrey was funny and intelligent and loud, but sensitive under his ceremonial mask. Just like him.

A little while later he was at the movies with his mother. He saw her sitting in a coffee shop alone, and he told his mom to wait a little bit and started to walk over. Jeffrey sat down and she smiled. He watched the movie with his mother. It was a good movie.

He sat alone during the dance, laughing with his friends and drinking from a flask someone had. He felt warm inside. He looked at the flask. It was a dull silver. Beautiful. He asked someone for the time. It was 10:50. Everything ended at 11. He sat back down, feeling that it was suddenly very cold, as if everyone's body heat had suddenly died.

Afterwards he watched them and saw her go to the bathroom. He walked up and punched Jeffrey in the stomach. “**** you man.” He punched him again in the face. He’d never been in a real fight before but he was more angry than scared. “**** you.” He hit him again. He was about to kill him when she came back, her little white high heels clacking the floor. “STOP IT! What the hell are you doing!? Ohmygod Jeffrey are you ok? Brian what the **** is wrong with you! It’s not his fault ok? Look you’re a really good guy but you’re just a friend to me. I’ve known him since middle school. What the hell is wrong with you? He’s so sensitive and nice!” There was a crowd. Someone helped Jeffrey to his feet. Jeffrey tried to look tough but his eyes were wet. The night was over. He went home and screamed at the quiet suburban homes with their lights on. He kicked the trash bins. They were still full. It had been weeks and weeks and they still hadn’t been emptied.

The next day he walked to a park and pulled his hood on. He sat there with the sun on his back and watched the mothers take their children in strollers and the fathers throw balls and frisbees to their sons. He watched the babies sit and throw shovels in the sandbox. He looked at everything, the trees, the grass, the sand, the park, the mothers, the fathers, the children, the families, the clouds, the sky. Everything seemed to belong, everything had a good feeling about it. He stood up and left.

He walked home. Three years later the trash was still there. He looked at it and said “All right. All right you son of a bitch. You win.”
There is no place else to go
The theater is closed
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