pls help me find the setting for metal zone on zoom g2... the heavy metal sound..
i have the G2.1U which is basically the same except it has the expression pedal so i reckon i could help.

first of all, make sure the knob which selects all the different effects (wah/efx, znr, drive, EQ, extra EQ, mod/sfx, delay, reverb, control) is set to drive.

so now you are in drive, select all the different types of overdrive with the two buttons below the knob which you just selected drive with (the little + and - buttons) do this till you get to Nt on the LED display. this is metal zone i think.

then knob 1 varies how much overdrive, knob 2 varies and quality of the tone, and knob 3 varies how much of the effect you hear with the original sound (all the way up to 1.0 means you only hear the effect) basically turn all 3 knobs up
ok man ill try that now, thanks for the reply. what im trying to find is the death metal sound btw.