so, its 4:55 a.m. and I just wrote this song in about 15 minutes, so im not really crazy about it but i figured i'd post it and see what kind of feedback it would get.

how could you look at me
with a smile on your face
i took your book from the corner
and left it out of place
its clear that i'm forgiven
for this awful deed
oh girl you are too good
your too good to me; you turned the other cheek

life is hard
when you cant go home
but at least
im not alone
you stuck by me
in my time of need
oh girl you're too good
your too good to me

please dont go girl
i know you won't
you care too much
even though i dont
i still need you
every night and day
and i love you too
more than words can say
"I sorta don't trust anyone who doesn't like Led Zeppelin"
-Jack White
its got a good flow last line of verse is where i stuck while tryimg to sing in my melody.other than that good song but u still need chorus and i think a bit of more effort it will be good to go
crit mine heartbreak remedies tell me whether i shuld record it or not
its in my sign