It's D-Day and I'm looking,
for a path to disengaging,
I'm still locked in deadlock,
In the only war worth waging,

I'd plunge the world into anarchy,
So I could go all-out attack
And the neutrals wouldn't argue,
And help you to fight back,

Because for every wound I get,
I'm surrounded by medics,
With all the best intentions,
But I don't want heroics,

The skin my camo hides,
Now belongs to you,
So every mark I make,
I'm making on you too,

Martyr verses Martyr,
In trenches of emnity,
Let's face it,
You won't go down without me,
So it's one or nothing,
And that's fine.

I'll see you on the other side,
Once I've blown us both to shit,
Or I'll stand unshielded,
And let you hit the target,
And When you snapped all my swords,
Going chemical was my reply,
Put you through the white plague,
But we're still getting by?

Waking up in cold-sweat I feel
everything you want me to,
Dizzy, nauseous, I run to look
across the battlefield to see you,
Skeletal, pale, with sunken eyes,
You've run head first into the wall,
Ghostly white, ghastly weak,
I'm amazed you can even stand at all,

If I had my way, I'd
take the war to Mars,
where we could have it out,
bearing all our scars,
And if our battlefield was
free from all distraction,
The only thing left would be
dust, and self-destruction.

We both want the same thing.

Crit for crit obviously.
Once We Were Anarchists
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flow is good it willl be a good metal song just put some awsome solos and riff in it.well i guess thats it nothin wrong with this piece i guess. concept was gr8 . i will look frwrd to more of ur work

crit heartbreak remedies if u can its in my sign
Umm, cheers. Did yours.

The concept was great? What was it?
And metal? Allow that, thankyou very much... I was actually gonna go Biffy Clyroish on the song.
I hope not everyone sees the stuff about war and doesn't realise it's all metaphors.
Once We Were Anarchists