So i just bought a peavey windsor the other day and i love it. I can get a good rock setting but im curious to see how other people set it up. If anyone has settings, please post them here because we all know how unorganized the ultimate settings thread can get. Also, if anyone has any questions on it i would be pleased to answer them. Thanks.
yes, see how other people set up... *Suspecious eyes*
For my Od
Pre-amp Vol: 9
Bass: 7
Middle: 8
Treble: 5

Master volume: Depends on how loud you need it, but leave the Pre amp at 9-10
Resonance: 4-5 (personal taste)
Presence: (personal taste)
Texture: Full
Rock tone w/ my Ibanez.

Preamp Volume: 10
Bass: 9
Treble: 8

Master Volume: However loud you want it
Resonance: 10/11 (Like False_God said, its personal taste)
Presence: 8/9 (Same as resonance)
Texture: Almost max, little bit less

Still messing around with different guitars through it. Got it last night.
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