I'm having a very bizarre problem with my xbox 360. For christmas I recieved NCAA Football 07, which IMO is a pretty fun game. The problem is that whenever I try to playt it the Xbox overheats. It doesn't do it with any other games, just that one. We just got a new HD tv, could that have anything to do with it?
naa the xbox has cooling problems
might just be running the disk v fast
you can by a fan system from miscorsoft or one of their registered 3rd parties that you put on and itll sort that out for you
well be careful, ive heard of xbox360's melting :/

either take it back and see if u can get it fixed, coz their is definately a problem, otherwise buy a new one or a ps3, , (if ure in a america, unlike me, march , at least i can now afford one)

yeah so just take it back or something, because there doesnt seem to be much else you can do
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Yea, you could buy a cooling system, but I definitely don't recommend the ps3. Heck, those have caught on fire, much worse then melting
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