I got a Fender Squier Showmaster and a Frontman 15G amp. The problem is that sometimes when i turn my amp on it makes a really annoying noise. You can compare the noise with a television with bad aerials connection. It happens that the noise just suddenly stops and it randomly returns. I think the amp has done it since I bought it and thats 5-6 months ago.

Hope you can help me, thanks!
are you near anything static like a turned on tv, computer or anything electrical like? If so turn them off to see does the noise stop!!

Could be your lead or your imput. Mess around with different leads and moving the cable around,

As far as I know they are noisy amps full stop, my friend has one.
Hope that helps!
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Maybe there's a connection problem with your input jack? Thats really the only thing I can think of.

Usually its your cable thats the problem, but if you've knocked the amp over face first with the lead in, it can damage the input. Thats what mine did anyway. Try a different cable, then if it continues, hold the cable in the jack of the amp and see if the noise stops, if it does, then your amp's input jack is buggered and you'll need it repaired. Or some blu-tack could suffice
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I had the same amp and it did the same thing so I just kept turning it on and off until it stopped doing it.

I'd just get a better amp like I did.
First of all thanks for all the fast answers! ;D

My amp is close to my computer so ill try to pull it away from that.
Sometimes i also do like you of you said - just turn it off and on until its gone.
I've tried with another cable, and it doesnt seem to be the problem